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The trend of the condominium market in 2018 in terms of supply is expected to increase. Not more 10% in Bangkok. And in the inner Bangkok. A new supply takes place more demand for apartments. It will continue to grow at a rate close to supply.


For condominium prices in the Bangkok market in the year 2018 is expected to increase at least 11%, while the inner Bangkok. And the outside market Prices will rise about 5-6%, resulting in the average price increase of at least 8%

Nexus Property Marketing Co., Ltd., a Bangkok condominium market research company, announced in 2016 that the number of condominiums in Bangkok in 2017 competition is fierce. New supply from major operators. With 62,700 units from 128 projects, the largest number of condominiums in the last ten years has resulted in 550,000 units of condominium units. Over the past five years, the average unit price has risen to 15% (new units in 2013-2017 average 53,600 units per year) and projects It continues to expand to the city center.


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The continuous increase in the number of foreign tourists arriving in Thailand. By MasterCard Annual Survey It is expected that in 2017, Bangkok is expected. 20.2 million visitors from 2016 have won the most popular tourist destinations in the world with 19.41 million visitors in 2016, ahead of other cities in the world, including London (19.06 million), Paris (15.45 million) Dubai (14.87 million). By the year 2018. This is forecast to increase by 10% as revenue from foreign visitors of 2.1 trillion baht and revenue from tourism in the country.

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